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For your listening pleasure… Here are a few recent recordings of Michele Wucker talking about gray rhinos with some of the smartest radio and podcast hosts out there:

WGN Radio Business Lunch with Amy Guth
July 22, 2017
Author of The Gray Rhino, Michele Wucker, comes to the studio to discuss her book and the role it played in crashing the Chinese stock market.
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When the Gray Rhino Hits Asia
July 14, 2017
Carnegie Council Asia Dialogues podcast with Devin Stewart. A wide ranging conversation about the psychological components of the gray rhino, clear and present dangers in Asia, and cultural differences in perceiving and addressing gray rhinos.
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Episode 67 of the Integrate and Ignite podcast with Lori P. Jones
June 5, 2017
This episode is a must listen for entrepreneurs who are looking to stay ahead of business problems and challenges. Listen and Learn:
* What is the Gray Rhino?
* The obvious dangers we ignore
* How to regularly step back and assess
* Be ahead of the game with this assessment process
* How to line up your warning signals
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