MTA Sun Desert Festival in China


Gray Rhino & Company Founder Michele Wucker spoke May 20th at the second MTA (Music, Technology, Art) Sun Desert Festival in Zhanghjiakou, Hebei Province, China.


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36kr: “Gray Rhino” by Michele Wucker: Do not bury your head in the sand, ignoring the gray rhinoceros

36kr: Cheetah mobile CEO Fu Sheng: the future is man-machine coexistence

Sina: MTA Desert Music Festival is showcasing technology to create art utopia

Sohu: Cheetah CEO Fu Sheng: the next 10 to 20 years must be the era of human-computer interaction: “Just now, Ms. “Michele Wucker”, author of “Gray Rhino”, speaks of uncertainties about future innovation, and I think people around the world are considering uncertainty.
I have just returned from the United States yesterday, this time I went to the United States has two very strong feelings:
On the one hand, in fact, China for the United States, may be a gray rhinoceros. China’s huge and rapid development, so that the United States is very curious; the same time, there are many places to learn. …
On the other hand, there are a lot of people turn a blind eye to change. ….”


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