Michele Wucker keynoting BCI World Summit 2016, London

Your presentation was engaging and thought provoking; we have received a lot of compliments on our speaker choice!
– Ruth Elmore, The Business Continuity Institute




We all took a lot of valuable insight from your presentation and workshop. When I got back to work I had a session with my managers to identify our ‘Grey Rhinos’ and Brexit was one of them. Having identified it, we had a strategy on what we’d do if the worst happened –leaving Europe for us– so we could react quickly and put a positive spin on it to counter any potential negative effect.  We continue to meet to discuss the latest Grey Rhinos and it’s very much in our team mind-set now.
– Leanne Linacre, ALTO

I received so many warm comments from your master class. Everything from “highly relevant” and “practical” to “greatly informative and instructional” to “expert,” “right on point” and “eye-opening.”
– Anthony Vlahos, ExecuNet

An engaging, insightful speaker! Michele Wucker is able to demystify complex global happenings in a breezy conversational style.
– Peter Marber, Head of Emerging Markets Investments at Loomis, Sayles & Co

Michele Wucker and Devin Stewart at the Carnegie Council

When I was planning Carnegie Council’s signature conference on business risk in recent years, Michele Wucker was the person I immediately thought of when I needed someone who could provide fresh insights on major global trends, had a strong stage presence, and could to go head-to-head with outspoken, highly respected fellow panelists! Working with her on programs in New York City to Tokyo has always been a pleasure. She’s one of a kind.
– Devin Stewart, Carnegie Council

Michele Wucker’s from-the-hip, conversational style is so refreshing in an age of a powerpoint slide per minute. In most university seminars, we have to wait until the Q&A session for the talk to get interesting and the speaker to engage the audience. Michele pulls the audience in from the outset with her command of the topic, comfortable delivery, and natural wit and charm.
– Jon Erickson, Professor, University of Vermont

Members of our Forum enjoyed Michele Wucker’s talk on “Immigration and US Foreign Policy” very much.  They were impressed by her insightful and thought-provoking analysis of US immigration policy. She gave a very informative analysis of challenges faced by our immigration system.  This is a very difficult topic, and she did a great job of covering all sides of the debate.
–Bahman Baktiari, Bangor Foreign Policy Forum

Michele spoke at our opening celebration, to an audience of over 300 equally comprised of members who either only spoke Spanish or only spoke English. We had heard beforehand that she was a dynamic speaker, but even so we were impressed well beyond our expectations. Without notes, Michele spoke in both English and Spanish, holding the attention of the entire crowd as she switched effortlessly back and forth between languages. She effectively conveyed how important it was for people to work together to educate the next generation of Dominicans. Afterward, many members approached me inspired to join our cause because of the emotion that was stirred in them during Michele’s speech. The idea of education is simple, but the idea of action could not have been expressed any better; Michele managed to convince everyone in the room, myself included, that the dream of education is possible when everyone comes together.
-Tricia Thorndike Suriel, The Dominican Republic Education and Mentoring (DREAM) Project